Important update about worship services

Wednesday, March 18, 2020 10:02 am

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Lord is our rock and refuge, our ever-present help in time of trouble.


The effort to contain or slow the spread of the Coronavirus is a rapidly changing situation.  In a matter of 24 hours, the CDC

and our Government leaders went from limiting public gatherings to 250,then to 50 and now the recommendation is 10.  It appears to be a critical time to act to slow the rate of infection and help our healthcare community to prepare the inevitable surge of infections that is likely to occur.

For these reasons, the elders and I have agreed to suspend worship services for the next 2 weeks, out of love for our neighbor and in obedience to those whom God has given governing authority ( see Romans 13:1-4a. and Philippians 2:3-4)

During this time of Quarantine, I will try to minister to you through internet, video, audio recordings, email and 

phone calls. 

If you are in need of the Lords supper, Please contact me and we will set up an appointment for you and your immediate family to commune at church. 

This is not a vacation for any of us, but through this time we are called to higher obedience.  This is a time for repentance, piety, more fervent, deeper daily devotions and care for one another.  Especially remember those who are 

isolated and all the members who will not be able to access the sermons and devotions I will be posting on line.  If you are going to the grocery store, ifs there one of our older members you can shop for to keep them safe? 

We ask our members to remember that, even though we are not holding services during this time, our congregation still will have bills that need to be paid . Please consider mailing in your regular offering, or consider using on line bill pay if you have it from your bank. 

Take time to PRAY Psalm 91 today.

Please pray the litany daily with the whole congregation. Our nation's leaders and our healthcare workers and first responders.


Peace Be With You

Pastor Palm

Pastor  and Heather Palm

Trinity Lutheran Church

10500  215 St  W 

North Morristown, Mn


Phone  507. 685 . 2307

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